NEW IMO Reg. for NDBP A3.

New IMO Reg. for NBDP in A3

New IMO Reg. for NBDP A3

For the past 20+ years MarCom Trade has always been going for the best service and best support. We Also keep up to date with what is going on in the marine field, IMO regulations and Costumers’ needs. The New IMO Reg. for NBDP A3 is as follows:

  1. The IMO Resolution MSC. 496 (105), specified in IMO Resolution MSC. 507 (105) adopted amendments to SOLAS Chapter IV on Radio Communications, which will come into force from January 1st 2024. The amendments aims to allow the use of modern communication systems in the GMDSS.
  2. The following are the highlights regarding the amendments to SOLAS Chapter IV:

References to Inmarsat have been replaced throughout with the term Recognized Mobile Satellite Service (RMSS). In addition to maritime mobile satellite services provided by INMARSAT, the IMO has recognized the maritime mobile satellite services provided by the IRIDIUM SATELLITE LLC.
Note: Now Iridium Satellite System is acceptable as part of GMDSS, subject to concerned Flag state recognizing Iridium Satellite System as a mobile satellite service for use in the GMDSS.

The definition of “Sea Area A3” has changed. Sea Area A3 in the New IMO Reg. for NBDP A3, now means an area, excluding sea areas A1 and A2, within the coverage of a recognized mobile satellite service (RMSS) supported by the ship earth station (SES) carried on board, in which continuous alerting is available’. For a ship certified to operate in sea area A3, the Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate is to indicate the recognized mobile satellite service in brackets (INMARSAT / IRIDIUM).
Transmitting and receiving distress and safety communications using direct-printing telegraphy (NBDP) is not a part of the GMDSS requirement and hence need not be fitted on board (redundant).

At MarCom We Provide Appropriate Solutions For the New IMO Reg. for NBDP A3:-

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